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Dewey Emery Charles Biography

(Written & submitted by William G. Latham, Jr.)

Dewey Emery Charles was born June 7, 1904 in Jefferson County, Alabama, the son of Thomas Sherman & Edith Lavicie (White) Charles. He died March 11, 1973 in West Point, Clay County, Mississippi. and was buried at Greenwood Cemetery, in West Point, Missississippi. He married Wilma Louisa Hardiman Apr. 5, 1922 in Lawrence County, Tennessee. Wilma was born July 31, 1904 in Pulaski, Giles County, Tennessee, the daughter of William Robert "Bob" and Fannie Bruce (Britton) Hardiman. She died July 2, 1993 at her home in Cedar Bluff, Clay Co., Miss., and is buried next to Dewey at Greenwood Cemetery. My grandparents moved from Tenn. to Bear Creek, Marion Co., Alabama abt. 1926. and abt. 1943 they moved to Cedar Bluff, County, Mississippi.


Dewey was a sharecropper and a fine carpenter. He was also very good at growing things. He could graft fruit trees and had lots of fruit and pecan trees on his place near Cedar Bluff, Mississippi. He and his father praticed medicine, but wasn't a doctor. His grandfather Henry F. Charles was a doctor for many years in Tallapoosa, Georgia. and many people used to speak of Dr. Charles years ago.


Dewey and Wilma had nine children; Lillian Iola born June 7, 1923; died July 1923. Willa Mae born July 31, 1924; died June 18, 1998 in Jackson, Madison County, Tennessee. She married Grady Dwight Davis and William Osie Stafford. Maycel Gene born Dec. 8, 1925; died Nov. 26, 1960 in West Point, Mississippi. She married Denver Zane Myers. Odis Emery born Apr. 25, 1927; died Mar. 4, 2001. He never married. Gladys Lorine (my mother) was born July 16, 1929 in Bear Creek, Marion County, Alabama. She married my father William G. Latham Sr. Lecil Edward was born May 8, 1934. He married Lildeth Beatrice Kelly. Vernell “Nell” was born Jan. 20, 1935. She married James Ralph Hall. Hazel Gwendolyn was born Feb. 12, 1938. She married Allen Alton Stringfellow. Jimmy Wayne was born Sept. 16, 1939. He married Martha House and Katherine Fulgham. Many of Dewey & Wilma’s grandchildren still live today in West Point and in the Cedar Bluff area of Clay County, Mississippi.

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